Patch Test

Patch testing is a process used to detect whether someone has allergic contact dermatitis to something they contact at work or home. During patch testing, small amounts of chemicals or things that are used at work or home are diluted and placed onto discs mounted on hypoallergenic tape and then placed on the back.

How many patches?

The number of patches applied is specific to each individual. There are 10 discs on each patch and those attending our clinic often have approximately 7-10 patches or sometimes more placed on their back.

Why my back?

The back is used for patch testing because it has lots of room to put the patches. This also gives people the opportunity to have a bath, as the patches must be kept dry during the testing. Showers must be avoided for the length of the testing (Monday through to Friday after final appointment).

Why choose Dr. Kothari Dermatology Clinic for Patch Test treatment?

  • Dr. Kothari Skin Clinic is one of the leading facilities for aesthetic medicine in the central India.
  • We have a track record of treating thousands of satisfied skin patients

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